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I Will Never Forget You Not For All Of My Days

Drawing on Objects

For this exhibition of seven works in seven rooms Emily Hesse has interrogated a moment in her life, the passing away of her father some five years ago, and tried to understand what this has meant for her, what it means to her now and what her relationship with him meant during her childhood. The works are personal and affecting, but also poetical. They reflect the complex relationships between two individuals who are so similar and yet incontrovertibly individual. Each work is a trace of that which is left behind: the impermanence of each of these pieces, made specifically for the space in which they are shown, is a response to the transient nature of relationship and the shards of memories that remain from what once seemed such secures moments in our lives.

James Beighton
Senior Curator, mima


Thanks to Becky Mitchell for some of the photographs used.


Download (PDF, 56KB)

Seven Works in Seven Rooms

That Which Is Yet To Be Recorded
All That Remains
Drawing On Objects
Now I Am Tall
The Truth