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So Long, Farewell

No-one likes to fell a tree but like us they have natural lives and those lives also come to an end. The cherry tree planted next to the east wing of the school and surrounded by flagstones has been there for at least thirty years and when we got the keys this May should of been in full bloom, as it wasn’t we called in local arborist Ritson for their advice and the news was not good.

The Offshoot

Drexel Parker just before he felled the offshoot.

We had always intended to remove the offshoot from the cherry tree that had grown immediately beside the building (see above) and our heritage surveyor Richard had advised had the potential to threaten the building’s foundation, but we’d of liked to have saved the main tree, unfortunately Peter Sherry, Redcar and Cleveland’s arborist, confirmed Ritson’s diagnosis and the old cherry tree’s fate was set.

Bill Buckley standing on the Cherry Tree Crown

Bill Buckley standing on the upturned Cherry Tree Crown.

The space occupied by the cherry tree will now be turned into a community herb garden which will be an accessible resource for all members of the community.

Sometimes you need some brawn…

We seem to keep on finding tiles and considering how expensive these tiles are – according to Richard our surveyor – I’m quite puzzled. Anyway I’m glad we have some stronger volunteers – here’s looking at you Ben Woodrow – who can haul these babies into the school for me, where I’m sure we’ll find a purpose for them in time.

Roof Tiles

Ben manhandling some of the tiles we’ve found on the roof so far.