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Sometimes you just need a BIG room!

So local photographer and volunteer Bob Mitchell has been working for the past year on a huge project (and I mean literally huge) in Wales documenting the slate industry.

The completion of this work will see Bob pasting his photographs, shot using a traditional 5×4 camera, onto the sides of Welsh mountains, but before he could do this he needed a space large enough to be able to check his prints. The Studio was the ideal location to check the images, at least for the smallest of the images – and this is the smallest!

Will it Fit?


See this image in situe!

Third Community Action Weekend

Joel scrubbing the cafe floor

Joel’s doing a really great job scrubbing that floor!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the third Community Action Weekend on July 28 and 29. We had over 20 adult volunteers (and countless children) give up a large portion of their weekend to help us out.

Jobs done included painting the exhibition spaces, scrubbing the wooden floors of the the ghastly glue, sanding the walls, and of course sweeping the floors and cleaning.

Thank you to all volunteers that helped out, too many to name everyone, which include Caed Parker, Bob Mitchell, Becky Mitchell, Carl Mole, Simon Palmer, Alistair Nixon, Lizzie Brown, Benjamin Woodrow.

Special shout out goes to student Joel, who scrubbed the cafe floor the whole day, not an easy job!


Blue Babies

The first of three blue babies are installed on to the walls of the Saltburn School as part of the celebrations of the cultural olympiad by Bob Mitchell and Mark Parham. They’ll be taken down at the end of the paralympics.








For more information about this project please see here.


Creative Wall Filler

Well we thought we were amateurs but some of the workmen employed by the council over the years make us look frankly professional! Bob found this creative use of waste material as wall filler in the recital room earlier today:

Creative Filler

How Many People?

Only a foot?!

James Beighton, Janice Crombie, Bob Mitchell, Caed Parker and Emily Hesse

Yup it takes this many people to move a hygienic safety floor covering a foot. Goodness knows what they stuck it down with but it was stuck pretty well.


How to remove a hygienic safety flooring from a boarded floor.

Caed and Bob Take the Wall Off

Bob and Plaster

That’s a lot of plaster Mr Mitchell!

Volunteers Caed Parker and Bob Mitchell took off two thirds of the plaster from one of the walls in the new film and photography studio today. Why I hear you ask?

The long answer is the plaster was pervasively compromised by damp and couldn’t be saved, the question was where to stop, which after they’d started was aligned with the top part of the sash windows; the short answer is that boys like things like hacking off plaster and were curious to see what it looked like underneath.

Fortunately after a couple of hours it looked like they’d made the right call and the wall was set to present an interesting backdrop to lots of photoshoots to follow. The next step will be to wire brush all of the brickwork and then give it a coat of pva glue to seal the wall and stop dust ingress.


Austin Tears Up Some Floors

So we had a new volunteer this afternoon, my nephew, Austin Weeden, 12, who is a Saltburn resident. Whilst I sat in the office working through our blog posts for the week with Peter, we set him off to tear things up. Don’t worry it was tearing things up in a good way ;-)

We all know that boys, of all ages, like to break things and tear things up rather than clean (and we certainly needed help with that today!) but fortunately, as you know, Bob found a hardboard floor under the carpet of the meeting room and we needed to get at the solid pine floors beneath.

All that needed was a bit of brute force and a lend of Ted’s crowbar. In a little over an hour Austin managed to tear up two large sections of the flooring and remove the nails. Taking us a little, but important step towards being able to start painting the room this week.