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NALD Bid Turned Down


So we tried but I’m afraid we failed. That doesn’t mean that our Literary Society doesn’t have legs, it just means that we’ll have to do it ourselves; but we’ve proved quite adept at that haven’t we?

To see the successful bids please click here.

Sport England Inspired Facilities Bid

A little over a week ago we heard from Sport England that our £320,000 bid to transform the old basket ball court into a new 3G Five-aside, flood lit court and a freely accessible MUGLA with new changing and storage facilities was turned down.

With 222 bids received from across England and Wales the competition was fierce and Sport England reduced the qualifications specifically to 3G pitch enhancement, which unfortunately meant our bid fell short of the minimum funding level.

Here is a copy of what we submitted:

Download (DOC, 112KB)

We’re now considering a bid to the Iconic Facilities Fund. This would be a bold move for Saltburn and would require lots of community support and support of other sporting facilities so if you’re interested please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Our thanks to Tom Watts, Kerry Patterson, Peter Neal and Jenny Hall who all contributed to the bid.

Introduction to Kiln Fired Glass

Karin Walland will present this glass working class at Python Studios, Middlesbrough on Saturday 24th November from 10am to 4pm.

Download (PDF, 88KB)

If this is the sort of class you’d like to see us host at The Saltburn School then please let us know.

New Work Commitments: A Week of Change

The Saltburn School has been blessed with dedicated volunteers, some like Tom Watts who have literally walked in off the street and offered their help, others like Katherine Lynas have been recommended by someone we know.

Tom has been volunteering every Friday since the end of June and his support to the project has been invaluable, including helping to put together a £320,000 Sport England bid for the old basket ball court. We’re glad to have been able to help Tom find his way through a transitionary period and were happy to be asked to write a reference so that Tom can take up a new full-time volunteering role in Buckinghamshire.

In the meantime this Sunday we were glad to hear that another of our volunteers, Katherine Lynas, has undertaken new work commitments that mean she isn’t able to help us on Wednesday afternoons. We wish her the best in her new work! Her weekly drawing classes on Monday evenings are to continue please call 07816 046723 to book a place.

The Saltburn School is constantly looking for new volunteers to help staff the office, work on specific projects or areas of personal interest. This is a rewarding place to work and to give back to your community so if you’d like to volunteer please either contact us or just pop into the school and chat to someone anytime!

Yet more Artists?

Yes. We have more Artists in Residence to announce. And this time it’s in the performing arts. So with no further adieu we’d like to welcome Jean and Morag, fondly known as the Tea Ladies, and the Team Valley Players headed by Terry Wilkinson.

Jean and Morag

Jean & Morag at the inaugural Saltburn Arts Fair.

We hope that both their residencies will prove fruitful for all concerned and we look forward to a long, positive relationship. To read more about them please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a resident artist, in any art form, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What Land we’ve been Transfered

We’re still asked on a regular basis what land has been transfered to the community with the old school. So we thought in the interests of transparency it’d just be easier to put up the transfer plan itself so anyone could see what we’ve received and what we haven’t.

Download (PDF, 806KB)

Jubilee Hedge Arrives!

Royal Oak

The Royal Oak provided by one of the Royal Estates.

So it’s a few days early but the jubilee hedge is finally here. The fence unfortunately is still up and we’ve a little more planning before we can get it removed so watch this space and we’ll keep you updated.

Any thoughts on where we should put the Royal Oak?

Spooky Halloween Party Photos!

All photos were taken with the verbal permission of the subject or their parent or legal guardian. If you would like to remove a particular image you or your child please add a comment below.

Scream Factory at Kirkleatham Museum

Scream Factory

So The Saltburn School’s Halloween programme is now over and if you and your children are not already spooked out or scared whitless then why not consider taking them to the Scream Factory event at Kirkleatham Museum, which continues until Sunday 4th November.

Spooky School Party Tonight

Spooky School Party

From 5pm this evening bring your children and come and join us for a Spooky Halloween Party in the Reading Room and Betty Wingham Cafe at The Saltburn School. Entrance for children is only £2 including a soft drink and snack with adults free. There will be a disco, party games, face painting and much more.

We hope to see you there!

For those that are not too halloweened out after tonight you could also drop your kids off to our Halloween Holiday Club which continues on Thursday and Friday.