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The Playground

Do you remember playing marbles here?

The Saltburn School playground is the last remaining traditional school playground in Saltburn and perhaps, since the raft of new schools that have popped up across the region, one of the last in the area; it is certainly the only one that is open to all members of the public.

Everyone remembers their school playground, so we’ve decided to preserve the school playground so that little ones are still able to appreciate it and older people are able to reminisce about their days in the playground. There are over a dozen games painted onto the tarmac so come along and give them a go.

Future Plans

We’re planning to make it easier to access the playground. Presently the only way onto the playground is through one of the two wings of the school. We have discussed with the conservation officer dropping the central window in both the Saltburn Reading Room and the Betty Wingham Cafe to enable you to more easily enjoy the playground. We’re hoping that an application for the National Lottery’s Awards for All programme will cover the estimated cost £10,000 to undertake this work (that’s of course unless there are any generous benefactors out there who’d like make this happen).