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Community Garden & Allotment

With over 10,000m2 of land The Saltburn School wants to make the most of this space for the wider community. As a coastal town many residents are have difficulty, due to the proximity of the sea, in growing things in the own gardens. It was this realisation that gave birth to the idea of a community herb garden, championed by local guerrilla gardener Elisa Duffew.

The Community Herb Garden will be situated infront of the building, in a space formerly occupied by a beautiful but dying Cherry Tree, which we have been forced to fell. With top soil provided by Graham Neal and Dr Cat Brown, we will provide a free, accesible resource for the entire community.

Initial donations of herbs have come from Deb Covell and her husband who have recently been forced to give up their allotment and donated their tools and herbs to give the garden a start. We are also launching our “Penny for your Thoughts” campaign in colaboration with artist-in-resident Emily Hesse to provide the walkways for the garden.