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Saltburn Arts Fair

Classroom Portraits, by Julian Germain

Classroom Portraits, by Julian Germain

1,000 people, two days. The inaugural Saltburn Arts Fair has to count as the most successful event we’ve ever held in over 30 years as an arts charity. What started as a careless promise that if we had the school we’d be happy to host “an” exhibition, has been transformed, since the 23rd May, along with the building itself, into a lead exhibition by renowned photographer Julian Germain and supported by over a dozen other artists including the inaugural exhibition from our very first artist in residence Emily Hesse.

With only a few days to spare we managed to get the cafe ready so that it was able to be up and running catered and staffed by volunteers including the inestimable Tammy Guy-Jobson and many more. It was such a success that we’ve decided to open the cafe for the rest of the summer holidays.

Many of the exhibiting artists attended the event themselves to talk to the public about their work, including internationally-known photographer Julian Germain, who gave a talk on his Classroom Portraits exhibition on the Saturday.

The weekend was a great success, thank you to everyone who came.


Woodland Trust Jubilee Hedge Application


As part of our designs for the outside of the school we are intending to construct a sculpture park with at least three sculpture points along the top of the bank between the school and the old caretakers cottage.

To frame this sculpture park we would like to replace the existing galvanised metal fencing with a hedge from the Jubilee Woods programme being run by the Woodland Trust in honour of Her Majesty’s 60th Jubilee.

We have submitted our application for the maximum amount of hedging available, which should allow us to replace all of the fencing on the Marske Road-Windsor Road side of the school.

If anyone would like to buy us some additional trees for the site then they can do so here.

We’ll hear about the success or failure of our grant application in September and if successful we’ll get the trees to plant by the 5th November.

If we’re successful we’d like 420 people each to plan a tree in another of our community action weekends.

Our thanks to volunteer Elisa Duffew and the Friends of the Valley for their help in this bid.


We’ve been successful! Read more about what happens next here.