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Posts from the ‘Memories of the School’ Category

Appeal for Classroom Photographs

If you used to come to the Saltburn School we’d like it very much if you could lend us your old class photographs so we can scan them, print them and display them as part of our first exhibition, called ‘Portraits from the Past’, which will open on Friday night on 28th September during the Big Weekend.

Our appeal is open for the twelve weeks of the exhibition – however it would be great if we could get a decent amount of photographs together in time for the Big Weekend.

Photographs can be dropped off any time between 10am and 4pm at the school – 7 days a week. They can then be collected when they have been scanned (approximately a week later).

Saltburn resident Stuart Worton will be curating the exhibition.

Any photographs will be greatly appreciated!

Artefacts Found Behind the Radiator

The found artifacts

Volunteers Peter Neal, Tammy Guy-Jobson and Rachael Ward stumbled across an assortment of old school memorabilia today When they were scraping some paint work in the main hall. The artifacts were hidden behind the original radiator outside the headmistress’s office and where she stood at the front of the hall.

The items included an unopened letter to the headmistress; a medical record for Kathleen Hobson dating back to 1927; musical certificates; a book of Fellowship songs; an algebra exercise book; a bus pass from the 1960s and other items.

A Little Ship Was On the Sea

The Drawing and The Verse

The Mysterious Graffiti

When we were stripping back the noticeboards of the studio theatre and rehearsal space, we found a lovely little drawing of a ship. The verse written underneath said:

‘A little ship was on the sea,
It was a pritty site,
It sailed alone so pleasantly.’

The picture and verse were made in chalk.

Do you know could have done this? If so we would like them to get in touch with us.