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Love Your Being Fair

Raw Vegan Food by Dani Mitchell

Raw Vegan Food by Dani Mitchell

On Saturday from 12pm till 4pm the school hosted ‘Love Your Being’, a holistic event run by Dani Mitchell of d. a. n. i. delights.

This was the second full-event run by Moorsholm-based Dani, who is normally a fixture at the Saltburn Farmers Market, so we were glad she picked the school as her venue of choice.

The assembly hall was transformed into a market with various stalls; the cafe was transformed into a specialist raw-vegan food cafe, with Ripping Yarns, of knitting fame putting on a display; the Class 6 Gallery was transformed into a play area like the one found at the Botton Steiner School.

Some of the participants included:

  • Amy Jackson from Field Good farm shop in Dunsdale;
  • Artist Caroline Riley, who ran the juice bar;
  • Leslie Wood, a yoga teacher who taught yoga taster sessions;
  • Paula Jackson, from Stockton, who gave a craft workshop.


Pictures courtesy of Caed Parker and Peter Neal.

Coming Soon!

Another ‘Love Your Being’ event will be held at The Saltburn School in the beginning of the new year. If you’d like to participate in the event then you can contact Dani directly on or by calling 07884 045 742.