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Hedge Bid Successful

The Saltburn School straddles the two main highways into Saltburn, one along the coastal road and the other inland from Guisborough. As we learnt at the inaugural Saltburn Arts Fair the bank running down Marske Road is the perfect site for sculpture, providing attention to the school and acting as a catalyst for people to stop and pop in.

To capitalise on this strength we have decided to place a permanent sculpture park along the bank stretching between the school and the old caretaker’s cottage along Marske Road. In the long run we would like to see a series of semi-permanent and changing exhibitions to excite and involve people who would otherwise simply drive through Saltburn.

You might remember earlier in the year we placed a bid to the Woodland Trust for 120 meteres of hedgerow being given away in honour of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. A little over a week ago we found out we’d be granted the hedge. So we’ve begun preparations to make way for the new hedgerow and the sculpture park it’ll frame; including:

  • trimming the overgrown hedge infront of the old basketball court to three foot so we could bring it under control and remove some of the undergrowth, as well as exposing an old fence;
  • we’ve had the old fence, left in place when the new palatine fence was erected, removed to clear way for the pathway that will frame the sculpture park;

The new pathway will weave in-between existing hedgerow and new plants added as part of the jubilee hedge. It needs to be set this far back to accomodate wheelchairs users due to the slope of the bank. As part of this work we also had all but one of the row of sycamores felled, with one remaining whilst a bird is nesting, as they blocked the starting point of the planned pathway.

The majority of the new hedgerow will be planted in place of the galvanised fence that currently borders the front of the school. This will allow us to join up the original hawthorn trees and will involve the removal of the large sycamore. The new hedgerow will be arriving between 5th and 10th November and we will need volunteers to match the 420 plants we’ll receive to come together and help to plant the hedge.

To find out more about the hedgerow that’s coming see here, you can even buy us some more trees here. Our thanks to Peter Neal, Elisa Duffew and the Friends of the Valley for their help with this bid.

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