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I would just like to express my thanks to The Saltburn School and Saltburn Arts for giving myself and my family the opportunity to be involved in The Saltburn School project. I am often hearing how this project is thought by some people to not benefit the community, but as a resident of Saltburn, I want to explain exactly how this is beneficial to my family.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a single parent of four and the Artist in Residence at the school. Being a Sculptor working in found objects, I came to the school wanting to work in materials which had been left behind by the former pupils. In exchange for my work I was given a studio space to work in. To me this has meant a great deal. I finally have a large enough space to produce work in. This has had a direct impact on my career. I have been able to accept a large international commission which will mean for the first time ever I am able to support my children financially. After years of worry, any parent will understand what a great relief this is.

My children have become avid volunteers at the School. It is always the first place they want to go on a weekend. They might sweep the yard, make cups of tea or just chat to other volunteers, but the value of learning to give without expecting a return is such a valuable lesson. My daughter has an interest in ceramics, something which is no longer taught in schools. The thought of there being pottery classes and a kiln to use at the school is her dream come true. I look forward to the official opening of the cafe sometime in the near future. A place where my young children will be welcome, having a safe area for them to play outdoors.

So the ways The Saltburn School has benefited this family are massive. My children are realising that hard work pays off, the importance of volunteering, the value of creativity, that it only takes one person to believe enough to acheive.

Thank you.


  • Doug Harris

    Encore! (or whatever it is you should shout!). Projects like this can so easily be the catalyst that gives us a leg up in this awkward, lumpy life. And often it’s only a small piece of help or encouragement that is needed – then we can soar under our own steam and come back later to give someone else a helping hand. Saltburn School is an example of the perpetual motion machine of mutual benefit the scientists said couldn’t be created …