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Amazing Light

So it’s just a few days to go before the 1st Saltburn Arts Fair and we’re running behind. Way behind! But the light in this photo, taken in the Recital Room, shows you just how spectacular this space is going to be!

What is Emily up to?

The mystery surrounding our Artist in Residence Emily Hesse’s inagural exhibition at The Saltburn School for the 1st Saltburn Arts Fair is causing much debate amongst the volunteers.

Does this photo give anyone any ideas? Thoughts on a postcard (or in the comments ;-))

Emily's Feet

Any clues in Emily’s feet?


See Emily’s Full Exhibition here.

Blue Babies

The first of three blue babies are installed on to the walls of the Saltburn School as part of the celebrations of the cultural olympiad by Bob Mitchell and Mark Parham. They’ll be taken down at the end of the paralympics.








For more information about this project please see here.


School Custard

School Custard

The only good thing to do with school custard!

  • The result of washing the brushes after painting the Archive room yellow.

The Saltburn School in the Evening Gazette

Much to our delight The Saltburn School was featured in the Evening Gazette today.

On the top picture, from left to right, are volunteers: Tammy Guy-Jobson; Margaret Guy-Jobson; Emily Hesse; Wendy Walker; Rachael Ward; Danielle Baker; Peter Neal and Paul Klews.

Rachael Ward, Emily Hesse and Margaret Guy-Jobson are shown swinging from the ropes in the middle shot and Danielle Baker can be seen hard at work in the shot on the right.

The Article

School getting set for it’s fresh start
Charity helps with transformation of site

AN abandoned school building is being turned into a centre for sport, people and the arts thanks to community-based charity.

The Saltburn Community & Arts Association is leading the project at Saltburn Junior School, in Marske Mill Lane.

The group is working with the local community to create the new centre.

Saltburn Junior School was built in 1903 and designed in the Neo-Georgian style by Sir Edwin Cooper. It was abandoned in 2009 when pupils moved to the newly built Huntcliff school campus.

Last year the association put forward a community asset transfer bid, on behalf of the community, to transfer the school from Redcar and Cleveland Council to local ownership.

In May this year a two-year licence agreement was signed and the past eight weeks have been spent renovating the building.

The school will host the town’s first arts festival and other plans include the development of performance and rehearsal space, exhibitions space, artist residences, a cafe, a town archive and skate park.

With the help of a £19,520 grant from the Community Builders Feasibility Fund they have managed to get the ball rolling – paying for vital surveys to be done.

The association needs to raise £22,000 for the first phase, which will pay for renovation of radiators, windows, floors and walls, as well as stocking a new cafe.

So far two community action weekends have taken place, where volunteers and residents have worked on improving the building. Volunteers from the local area who are looking for work have also given up their time.

Photography graduate Caed Parker, 25, said “I’ve been doing stuff like plastering walls, painting, all of the things to do with renovating a listed building.”

Peter Neal, a board member of Saltburn Community and Arts Association, said, “You will be able to just drop in, have a cup of coffee at the cafe, go to a class, or look at some art on your way back from the shops.”

By Sophie Barley

Thanks to the Saltburn Rotary Club

Rotary-LogoI’d like to thank the Saltburn Rotary Club for inviting me to dinner last night to keep them abreast of developments at The Saltburn School. We’re very grateful for their support!

And of course for putting us in touch with members Daz and Lynne Taylor who have been volunteering at the school.

Artefacts Found Behind the Radiator

The found artifacts

Volunteers Peter Neal, Tammy Guy-Jobson and Rachael Ward stumbled across an assortment of old school memorabilia today When they were scraping some paint work in the main hall. The artifacts were hidden behind the original radiator outside the headmistress’s office and where she stood at the front of the hall.

The items included an unopened letter to the headmistress; a medical record for Kathleen Hobson dating back to 1927; musical certificates; a book of Fellowship songs; an algebra exercise book; a bus pass from the 1960s and other items.

Woodland Trust Jubilee Hedge Application


As part of our designs for the outside of the school we are intending to construct a sculpture park with at least three sculpture points along the top of the bank between the school and the old caretakers cottage.

To frame this sculpture park we would like to replace the existing galvanised metal fencing with a hedge from the Jubilee Woods programme being run by the Woodland Trust in honour of Her Majesty’s 60th Jubilee.

We have submitted our application for the maximum amount of hedging available, which should allow us to replace all of the fencing on the Marske Road-Windsor Road side of the school.

If anyone would like to buy us some additional trees for the site then they can do so here.

We’ll hear about the success or failure of our grant application in September and if successful we’ll get the trees to plant by the 5th November.

If we’re successful we’d like 420 people each to plan a tree in another of our community action weekends.

Our thanks to volunteer Elisa Duffew and the Friends of the Valley for their help in this bid.


We’ve been successful! Read more about what happens next here.

Come get your Photo Taken!

Hold The Front Page

A photographer will be visiting The Saltburn School later today as part of a story on the work our community is doing at the school. We’re always in need of more volunteers but if you’d also like to get your mug in the paper today is a great day to come along and give a hand. Ideally we’re looking for people from between 11am and 3pm.

Work that needs to be done includes: initial painting of areas previously covered by noticeboards, filing and sanding of wall, sweeping and cleaning up, painting of handrails, etc. So there is plenty to do!

What We Found In The Old Oil Store

Emily Hesse and Mark Parham

Emily Hesse and Mark Parham peer into the Store

Today we opened up the old oil store in the grounds of the building and found a treasure trove of stuff.

Here’s what we found: 10 sinks and their attachments; what we think is a letter-sorter*; a coal bucket (with coal still in it!); a give way sign and a stop children sign, two doors, odd bits and bobs of wood.

It felt like an episode of Supermarket Sweep when Emily Hesse, artist in residence, got out her trolley to cart the materials out of the store.

Supermarket Sweep!

Supermarket Sweep!

She is collecting items found in the building to make artwork with.

It was all hands on deck for volunteers Mark Parham, Emily Hesse, Tammy Guy-Jobson, Margaret Guy-Jobson, Peter Neal and Graham Neal to cart the rest of the stuff into the building.