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Austin Tears Up Some Floors

So we had a new volunteer this afternoon, my nephew, Austin Weeden, 12, who is a Saltburn resident. Whilst I sat in the office working through our blog posts for the week with Peter, we set him off to tear things up. Don’t worry it was tearing things up in a good way ;-)

We all know that boys, of all ages, like to break things and tear things up rather than clean (and we certainly needed help with that today!) but fortunately, as you know, Bob found a hardboard floor under the carpet of the meeting room and we needed to get at the solid pine floors beneath.

All that needed was a bit of brute force and a lend of Ted’s crowbar. In a little over an hour Austin managed to tear up two large sections of the flooring and remove the nails. Taking us a little, but important step towards being able to start painting the room this week.