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Austin Tears Up Some Floors

So we had a new volunteer this afternoon, my nephew, Austin Weeden, 12, who is a Saltburn resident. Whilst I sat in the office working through our blog posts for the week with Peter, we set him off to tear things up. Don’t worry it was tearing things up in a good way ;-)

We all know that boys, of all ages, like to break things and tear things up rather than clean (and we certainly needed help with that today!) but fortunately, as you know, Bob found a hardboard floor under the carpet of the meeting room and we needed to get at the solid pine floors beneath.

All that needed was a bit of brute force and a lend of Ted’s crowbar. In a little over an hour Austin managed to tear up two large sections of the flooring and remove the nails. Taking us a little, but important step towards being able to start painting the room this week.

The Sage visits the School

The Sage visits the School

It was a busy day at the school today not only was Michael Anderson making good progress on the example restoration of a sash window in the Studio Theatre for our window restoration programme, we had a visit from the Sage Gateshead who came to collect the props that Jane Cuthbert has been making in the school since we took possession back in May. The props will be hung in the main concourse of the Sage during a youth performance of Romeo and Juliet. We were also really glad to put Jane and Vicky from the 53 Wardrobe back in touch so Vicky could arrange some costume to go on stage as part of the performance.

Jane's Horn

Jane taking her horn to the van!

Ground Blue

Wendy hiding behind the cabinets!

So here’s a preview of one of the feature colours for the cafe cabinets. Ground Blue by Farrow and Ball to be complimented by Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball. All lovingly painted by our very own Wendy Walker from Peeling Paint.

A Little Ship Was On the Sea

The Drawing and The Verse

The Mysterious Graffiti

When we were stripping back the noticeboards of the studio theatre and rehearsal space, we found a lovely little drawing of a ship. The verse written underneath said:

‘A little ship was on the sea,
It was a pritty site,
It sailed alone so pleasantly.’

The picture and verse were made in chalk.

Do you know could have done this? If so we would like them to get in touch with us.

Sometimes you need some brawn…

We seem to keep on finding tiles and considering how expensive these tiles are – according to Richard our surveyor – I’m quite puzzled. Anyway I’m glad we have some stronger volunteers – here’s looking at you Ben Woodrow – who can haul these babies into the school for me, where I’m sure we’ll find a purpose for them in time.

Roof Tiles

Ben manhandling some of the tiles we’ve found on the roof so far.